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Vybez ConneXion – On G Force Radio
Friday and Monday 9 PM GMT

Vybez ConneXion – On Jam Rock Radio
Thursday and Friday from 9 PM GMT


Vybez ConneXion is a radio show like no other! A show where multiple genres meet to give you an experience you will never forget! Its host, SANCTIFY aka DJ Andy G, is a smooth operator where his selections will have you wanting more, more, more and wondering what is coming next to whet your appetite! The show has a distinct Caribbean flavour where the following genres are most often played, Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, RnB, Rap/Hip Hop and more!
The primary message of the music, is the promotion of the Gospel, although some positive secular tracks are played to draw both secular and gospel audiences. Whatever persuasion, you will not be disappointed!

Sanctify has been a freelance presenter since June 2011. He was initially known as DJ Andy G and has changed his name to SANCTIFY since April 2015. He wanted a name that represented his heart for the people where the sanctity of Yeshua (Christ) is poured out through the airwaves to effect change in the hearts of humanity to choose Yeshua.
Sanctify has interviewed a huge amount of artists both locally, in the UK like Lytie, Denis McLean, Owen Uriah, etc and internationally, artists like Carlene Davis, Papa San, Goddy Goddy, etc. His interviews are often intense and revealing, where something new is often learned about the artists that are both interesting and surprising!
So tune into Vybez ConneXion. You will not be disappointed!

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