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About Reverb Live Crew

Reverb Live Show – Saturday from 12 noon and repleted on Monday’s from 6 PM GMT.
The Reverb Live Crew

Orrane Smith aka “DJRRANE

Has been in the Tallahassee area for nearly 15 years. He is a graduate of FAMU, where he became the founder he became a well-known Christian DJ providing his services to many Churches, collegiate organizations and community events. He was given the opportunity to do live on-air hosting/djing with Blazin Inspiration 102.3. He has provided his DJ services for many churches in the North and Central Florida area. He has also DJ’ed at many youths can collegiate conferences, Christian clubs, and countless weddings and family reunions. Orrane’s trademark has been his love for people, his integrity, and his commitment to the ministry. Personally, DJRRANE is married to his beautiful wife of 12 years Tamara Smith. He is the creator and host of a syndicate urban gospel podcast called Reverb Live Show. His plans are to take The Reverb Live show into other major markets and to continue playing music that will entertain and uplift the masses.

Tracey “The Professor”

While in college Tracey studied Theatre Performance at Florida A&M University. Over the past 28 years, she has worked behind the scenes and performed for various artists, short films and plays. While a member of the world-renowned “Marching 100” band, she created dance choreography and half-time showcases. For the past 13 years, she has served the Lord through the Worship & Arts Ministry at Family Worship & Praise Center in dance and drama. With a charge to influence the next generation, Tracye has founded Revolutionary Expressions Performing Arts Program. An which is on a mission to develop youth in discipline, confidence, and character through experiential learning in dance and drama enrichment, meaningful productions, and exposure to higher learning institutions. She is currently a CO-Host for the syndicated urban gospel podcast, The Reverb Live with DJRRANE.

David “King D3” Williams III

Developed a love for music, entertainment, speaking and social platforms at a very young age. As a Master of Ceremonies, President of organisations, radio host, therapist, performer, Recording Studio Advocacy Director and many other positions he is regularly booked for his many talents based on his bold/outgoing personality and the potency of his voice. He began showing signs of this future impact by things such as being awarded as the first African American prom King of his high school, becoming the leader of a student to student counselling organisation, captain of his football team, being selected to give a speech for his graduating class, booking paid performances (advertisement free); the list goes on.

During the year 2014 David “King D3” Williams III was often found on the radio in the role of an artist and entertainer. At the beginning of 2019 David “King D3” Williams III was asked to join The ReverbLive Show as a full-time host providing laughter, wisdom and information on the latest in music and entertainment news (segment Reverb Music Rundown). This additional opportunity allowed David “King D3” Williams III to venture into booking other gigs that include but is not limited to performances, comedy, music collaborations and other radio gigs. David “King D3” Williams III has also partnered with Goldie Sound Productions as a Studio advocacy Director and Cumulus Broadcasting where he is employed and experiencing further growth! 

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