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Born in the east end of London, Hugh Alexander Jackman was an entrepreneur in the world of fashion, beauty and music. 
Then an encounter with the Lord Jesus changed his world. Early in his Christian life, the almighty opened a door that propelled Hugh into national television. He aided in the early development and growth of three Christian TV stations including God TV, Dove Vision and revelation TV. He also launched his own network called Now, Hugh believes part of his calling is to reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ via television and other media. After spending many years as a presenter of the popular Bible Study program on revelation TV, He now resides in Spain travelling internationally as an itinerant teacher also ministering and singing in the prophetic. Hugh produces and presents independent TV shows including Spirit and Life and New Faith Generation. As a published author, his ministry has been summed up by best-selling Author and Spiritual Father, Benny Thomas as being a Minister with a calling to bring balance between both the Prophetic and the message of Faith. In recent times, God has used him significantly in the area of teaching grace, love, and the power of our Hebraic Christian heritage, bringing healing and deliverance and enlightenment wherever he goes.

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